Monday, July the 17th, 2006

This style of post is an interesting first for me. Actually, it’s more of a first than it is interesting, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you don’t already know, many of my posts first spawn on scrap bits of paper, fester there for a while and only occasionally do they evolve to posts on my web log. While this process takes some time, the emphatically static nature of my life ensures that my world-view doesn’t change in this interim.


Today, I present to you something I scribbled a few weeks ago, and tomorrow, I’ll present my current take on things—a starkly different conclusion. Maybe you’ll see how much my life has changed in this period.

Then: You come across a variety of people everyday, and you know how different they can be. Some people you meet, you judge yourself to be “cooler than,” so you feel that you can “do better than them.” In the sense of selecting a life partner, this roughly means that you’ll pass on them because you’ve decided you can “do so much better.”

And then, you have the other half of the crowd who you feel are just out of your league; intelligence, finesse, grace, … whatever the criteria. In the sense that, there is no way you could possibly be with them even if you wanted to. Which, of course, could just as well be paraphrased as “they couldn’t possibly want to be with you, for they realise they can do better than you.”

Since no two people are equal—however well-matched they seem, you can still find the most subtle (and possibly trivial) thing and toss them into one or the other of the preceding two categories—the set of people you can’t (or won’t want to) be with covers just about everybody.

And “everybody” is a superset of all women.

Essentially, I’ve just shown that there is an extremely good chance you’re ending up all alone, or with someone who leaves you unsatisfied and unhappy.

And that’s something to think about; or not, if you’re the kinds who doesn’t like giving up hope on “eventual perpetual happiness.”

Stay tuned for an updated take on things.

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