Monday, October the 17th, 2005

I’d been toying with the idea of becoming vegan for a short while. Over the past few weeks, I’d been taking stock of the kinds of foods that provide my daily nutrition, and proceeded to sort out what I could live without, and what needed (albeit crappy) replacement. The thrust in this general direction was heightened around my birthday, as I wanted to start the second half of this journey toward the big three-oh with some substantially fundamental life changes.

And, as I’ve come to realize, “life changes” for me usually imply resorting to the question “what else can I deny myself?”.

My reasons for attempting this weren’t positive or significant at all, just another thing to try, like… celebrity religion changes. Like most people treat yoga or giving up animal-skin based clothing—it is a fashionable thing to do. I was aiming to be just one of the cool kids who make cool sounding lifestyle choices “just because”. With this in mind, my baking this birthday involved an eggless, creamless cake which ended up being rather flat and generally yucky. (I seem to vaguely recall my mom nearly pulling it off ages ago, but it even then it wasn’t “just right”. I also recall, though I don’t know why, it involving inordinate amounts of vegetable oil.)

What I’m trying to get at, is that this sort of thing is complicated to pull off. I’m sad to report, just five days into it, I’ve already broken down and am sipping on a glass of warm, milky, cocoa. I blamed it on lack of access to, you know, one of those specialty stores that supports lifestyles like this (selling soy and tofu and other generally bad tasting stuff), but I know it’s just me being weak.

I kinda like ice cream and cookies and cheese and …

Fun “science”: From a, let’s just call it “documentary” I recently heard, women on average first masturbate to orgasm between the ages of 16 and 18. Males, on the other hand, are known to attempt to pleasure themselves from when they’re in the womb.

Yes, the WOMB.

So you can see why there’s ample scope for different point of views on some things from the different camps.

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