Sunday, October the 16th, 2005

I am not a major fan of politics or current affairs, but I have been paying some attention to what Tom Delay and Michael Brown are up to. These guys are slowly becoming my new heroes.

Why? Because they’ve truly understood and are sticking to the fundamental tenet of getting away with something—never EVER admit you’re guilty to whatever it is people are accusing you of.

Just don’t.

Once that’s done, you’ve as good as lost the fight. Keep insisting you are innocent, and there is bound to be some sucker out there that’ll believe you. As in, even if the courts convict you, there is still the court of public opinion (or your own conscience) where in a few people’s eyes, you’ve not done anything wrong.

Because you’ve not acknowledged it.

It’s a sort of, “I’m sorry officer, I didn’t know what I was doing was against the law” argument. A sort of “I… did NOT… have sexual relations… with that woman” argument. They might still jail you, but at least they—and probably you, if you say it often enough—think you’re innocent.

Sticking to the tenet doesn’t guarantee you’ll get away. But not sticking to the tenet guarantees you’re screwed. A necessary—but not sufficient—condition, as the math geeks in the audience might recognize.

Fun “science”: I plan on concluding a few posts, starting with this one, with fun but totally useless “science” facts.

Try as you may, I know you can’t lick your elbow, can you? The combined length of the neck and tongue and stuff fall just short of your upper arm length.

It’s funny what kinds of fun facts one can learn under the blanket of “science”.

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