Thursday, February the 12th, 2004

The past couple of days have been nice at work. And by nice, I obviously mean positively awesome, or something like that. I’ve spent many a sleepless night here over the past few weeks, and made very little real world progress. And I don’t quite know what I really mean by real world progress. It’s just, nothing I’ve been doing has felt… substantial. That’s what changed for the better yesterday. I don’t know what it is, I shut out a lot of stuff and actually worked, or probably it was the piece of validatory paper saying I’m getting somewhere, or just the sheer coolness of gdb. Maybe it was all of that. Just felt a lot more focused and driven. And happy. The kind of “I am cool” glow you get when, for lack of better ways of expressing this, do something cool.

Today I totally pampered myself. Woke rather late. Followed by an exceptionally long bath complete with all sorts of oils and salts. Followed by uncharacteristically long periods of brushing my hair (better have all my fun while I still can) and then moving on to file my… you get it. Just, nice, “relax and groom” me time. Conditioners, lotions and all that sort of thing are good for you. Or so the pretty model types in the ads would like you to believe. Why should I not trust them? It’s not like they would lie.

With that sort of start to the day, totally relaxed and calm, it went off well. I just got back from one of the most amazing spinach lasagnas I’ve ever had. And it was an extremely generous portion with illegal amounts of fancy cheeses. This was dinner at a quaint little Italian restaurant at a very nice part of town with work people. I got to wear my cream jacket. Worth it though I was freeeezing because it just isn’t warm enough for hoodless me to be that scantily clad.

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