Tuesday, February the 10th, 2004

This is me checking mail. Spam. Spam. Spam. Bill. Spam. Spam. Wooah!

My degree
Clickey Clickey.

I told you I will go on and on about this. And with the tripod I could shoot it in low light! (The warped colours are due jpegs screwisms while it “compresses”.)

Update: The warped colours were due to some weirdness in megatr0n’s colour depth settings. It looks quite normal now.

Update 2: Why not? Two related links. First, the obligatory ego stroker. And second, if for some reason you need even higher detail.

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16 Responses to “Muhahahahhahahah”

  1. anita says:

    congrats! diplomas are always nice.

  2. wahgnube says:

    Thanks! It does feel good.

  3. puli says:

    reesh deserves it!

  4. wahgnube says:

    Master of a science? I doubt it. But thanks!

  5. Adi says:

    cool ! way to go !

  6. Vigvg says:

    I love the font on diplomas ! Oh, and yes, way to be !

  7. wahgnube says:

    Forget the font. The first line cracked me up.
    to all who may read these letters, Greetings:

    I remember a time when diplomas were a bad thing and degrees were cooler. Things be topsy turvy in this part of the world.

    Oh yes, and thanks.

  8. diplomas are the’s are pffft.take the boat back home na?

  9. wahgnube says:

    They aren’t. It isn’t that long a time frame. And don’t you kinda sorta like me glowy? I think it means something to me. I’m not sure whether I just want this or need this.

    You have to get.

  10. USNEWS 2003 rankings
    oops ..ranking slips after “wahgnube” steps in ..

  11. wahgnube says:

    Devious fiend!

    Why do you think I mirrored that page when it was up? :D

  12. IW says:

    heyyyyy. you never said. Congratulations!!!

  13. wahgnube says:

    Thank you!

    And I did say, here. You were busy with more important things. :D And rightfully so. This is unimp.

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