Friday, May the 13th, 2005

If you find yourself checking out guys, does that make you gay?
Is it acceptable if said checked-out guys really were insanely hot?

How evil is it to be embarrassed by someone you’re out with?
I mean, you’re out for dinner and a movie or whatever, but all you can think about is not running into someone you know, or what they would think of you if they saw you with this other person. So much so that even the fact that you’re having quite a bit of fun doesn’t even seem to matter.
Is it acceptable if she really isn’t particularly attractive?

How weird is it to have weird dreams?
In order to clarify, how weird is it to dream about being married to a woman who’s half caterpillar? How weird is it if you didn’t notice anything was wrong, until your offspring with her (quarter caterpillar) seemed oddly non-human?
Is it acceptable if someone you were talking to during the day mentioned ‘caterpillar’?

Anywho, with the sort of standards I’m beginning to set, there’s a good chance I’m dying alone. And then going to hell.

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2 Responses to “Questions we all have”

  1. Vigvg says:

    So you went to a movie with a caterpillar woman, tried to make out with her and now feel you are going to go to hell for it. No worries, its fine. People make out all the time. With other people. But then again, whos counting right ?


  2. wahgnube says:

    Dude dude dude you’ve gotten it as wrong as it could be gotten.

    1. Hell — because being gay seems to be portrayed as evil by the good, church going people of this nation. Which was a side joke. But really, being embarassed about being seen with someone because you’ve deemed them below your league is well… bad, to put it mildly.
    2. Dreaming about having caterpillar children, with a caterpillar, because someone mentioned they were interning with caterpillar — that’s clearly not normal.

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