Saturday, May the 22nd, 2004

I’ve been finding it hard to get out of this “read cool things for the high of understanding them” mode. I can’t explain it, I usually HATE work and intellectual work does fall under the blanket term, “work”. I especially hate studying. I must admit I quite enjoy classes handled by good teachers. It’s like, then the ideas are directly fed into your brain when all you had to do was not be unreceptive, a win win situation.

Anyway, totally sidetracked. Point being, at totally random points of time, and for uncharacteristically long periods, I’ve been picking up rather complicated books and reading through them. And I have been enjoying it. All of this is new, uncharted, and consequently scary territory. We’ll see where it leads.

I’ve also been sleeping a whole lot. And I mean a lot. I slept at some 9-10 last night to wake at 10 in the morn. I went back to bed around 11 (yep, was awake a whole hour), and woke at 3. Now I’m sleepy again.

In my remaining copious free time, I’ve been cleaning up the home. And I mean fairly thoroughly. I’ve scrubbed most things that can be scrubbed, and the carpets scared me. The sheer volume of hair I found everywhere; my friend’s “shed champeen” cats will be proud. Such things usually don’t bother me, but I can imagine myself 10 years down the line looking very different, in a very bad way. Not a pleasant thought.

I think it’s time I start looking into things like Rogaine. Then again, their “before and after” pictures, even with the “not standard results” disclaimer on their website leave much to be desired.

But then again, according to other ads, all you need to do is take that one pill and EVERYONE around you will see and think you cooler.

They just won’t know why.

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