Tuesday, December the 14th, 2004

I don’t have too much juice left in my battery, and I’ve left my adapter somewhere (probably at work) so I must make this short.

Here’s the hard truth. I can’t really write anything on this journal other than metaposts* or pseudo-technical posts when I’m not one of the following:
a. Aiming to impress someone (so they’d, in some sense, “fall for” whatever it is I carefully orchestrated, and consequently me.)
b. Subtly yet surely showing how euphoric I am that now “that someone” does, in fact, like me.
c. Loudly and extremely clearly scream in pain when “that someone” informs me they’ve lost interest.

And if it’s not obvious by now, currently I am not in any of the above states.

So all you will see is pointless drivel and things that outright make no sense, or have no real point. It’s obvious I am just another dumb male and a bulk of what I do/don’t do is dictated by trivial things other people may/may not say/do. In fact, I can’t really do too much outside intellectual things when I am out of such states. Which to the untrained outsider will seem like a total degradation in level of creativity or the absence thereof, but really, it still exists. I just don’t see the point in flexing those muscles when there are no ends to justify.

And no, sharply dropping readership is not sufficient an end.

Falling readership.
The biggest bar on the above chart is just over 60,000 (subtracting spam) individual hits (not page loads) for actuality (not the entire domain) on a better month. The good ol’ daysTM.

* metapost — A post that seemingly exists (like this one) , but contains no real info in itself. It ends up describing posting in general. (My dictionary, pp. 103).

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