Monday, December the 13th, 2004

I realize I’ve been quite silent on the journal for a while. It’s not been all bad recently. In fact, things have been rather nice. I’ve been catching up on a lot of lost sleep.

Now, with the pleasantries out of the way, I realize Doom III has been getting a lot of flak from random people (yours truly included) about how dark it is. But I never said it makes it any less fun. People who seem to be complaining about this are probably new to id software’s games and don’t realize that’s how a good chunk of them look. Actually most of them apart from the (then Apogee’s) excellent Commander Keen series, of course.

Anyway, here are some shots of Quake as I’ve been playing it a lot recently. And yes, it was rather dark and gloomy too. It starts of sort of like so,

Quake screenie 1.

And before you know it, it gets darker.

Quake screenie 2.

So if you want a bright and cheerful game, buy something else from somebody else. Don’t bitch and moan.

It’s just, I can’t believe how easy (and short) it is, even on the “hard” setting. I remember it being hard and long. (Note the choice of words.) Then I remembered, when I first played/passed Q1 and Q2, I wasn’t gaming with a mouse and keyboard, just a keyboard.

And that’s clearly not the easiest way to go about things. Considering you can be shot from above or below, and PGUP-PGDWN aren’t particularly smooth ways of looking up and down while moving around.

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One Response to “We knew Doom III was going to be dark”

  1. pUl| says:

    That just reminded me of Doom in the early days. I remember when playing the DOS version, one minute you would be happy that you grabbed the machine gun and the other you would be entering a series of rooms where the lights would keep blinking making it so tough to get out. Of course there are monsters in the room at this point :P It used to be even more challenging on a B/W monitor :) Boy, I love my 486Sx!

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