Thursday, November the 13th, 2003

This is just a bunch of notes to self.

. rewrite fluctuant with intj input to make it fluctuant
. add/redo facts

. long hard eval of subsections – mercilessly kill
. increase blog linkage – elevated things
. free music section – here or links at link
. ferity/glyx start pages

. use this as a template for the detailed thing
. and this as a template for the short thing

. redirect comments from guestbook to blog entry specific to photo comments
. add cheap thrills like voting for best picture?
. pic specific comments

. draw/mod pics/at least text fx

. update with latest stats
. complete new blog disclaimer thingy and incorporate
. fit all this formally into the TODO list
. explain usage – gpg key/xml feeds

. ramp up version number
. fix hits text to match
. match up rist of version

– Use as info for report?
– Slowly migrate all to legolas?

I did say they were notes to self.

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