Thursday, November the 13th, 2003

For now, it seems I had over reacted. I don’t seem to miss anything unrecoverably important. Apparently ALL those folders was where my “useful” stuff was. Of course, I’ll never really know until I NEED something and can’t find it. I left work when the evil events of the day happened. My data has been under a bit of fire lately, last evening’s power surges and today’s typo, and I didn’t want to sit around for more weird nonsense to happen. I was not in a frame of mind to deal with it.

It’s like, I do very little, the last thing I need to deal with is losing the little I do. And I don’t really like it when events make me, lose self control.

Forced to stay indoors most of the day. (It’s not like it’s terribly different from any other day, but the other days I choose to be indoors, today was all windy and cold and blizzardy.) Had the usual work meet, over lunch. Which is strange since I’ve slowly phased out lunch from my daily meal plan. It’s currently at breakfast and “dinner” at whatever time between 3 & 6 in the evening when I can’t take it any more and HAVE to eat.

Saw Lisa after a long time. Observed a bunch of other things that’re just random and useless. Like this person using a pink pen to write in a pink book and then struggling to read it. Like a bus being TOWED. I just assumed buses don’t “break down”. Like these two dads standing in line for something at a store with their little daughters, one set of sisters literally clinging on to/playing/laughing/totally happy around/.. their dad while another was just calmly holding her dad’s hand staring straight. When it came to actually buying them stuff, guess which dad got his kids what they wanted and which was lecturing about the “usefulness” of things and why what she picked wasn’t “necessary”? Hmm.

Need to get in touch with this person who took a pretty cool picture of the moon. Need to find out his (her?) trick. And, when I think of needing to get in touch, I can’t help but remembering all the these recent requests I’ve been getting from totally random people about services like Friendster. I’m usually quite lazy while declining their offers, and direct them off to other blogs where people have talked about this and feel the way I do. Today, I found some more stuff that’s more closely mirrors the way I feel. And I plan to use a derivative of this when I decline the next time someone brings it up.

How does knowing whose friend is whose help me make friends? Really, it is just a complicated, expensive way of saying, “here are some people. Maybe you’ll get along, maybe you won’t, but your friend knows them.”

In reality, if I don’t have many friends, I won’t have many friends of friends, and if I have a lot of friends, why would I need this service?

And another that was meant to be funny but saddened me.

What we really need.. is internet liquor, something that makes you and other people seem wittier and more attractive online than you or they are in real life. You could call it eGoggles, and make it like a forum, only allow people to select questions and responses from a list of quotes by really witty people, and avatars of really attractive people. Then you might have something.

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