Friday, November the 14th, 2003

Feeling ‘retro’ all day. Must have been all the Led Zeppelin and Blind Melon. Ordered a ton of music. Mostly those two and Blessid Union of Souls. (Now if you do click the link to Blessid union, you can see that their domain’s expired. Some Joe is definitely going to buy it and sell it back to them at a profit. I can just feel it. No, I am not that Joe.)

(Feeling a bit down too, for, ok, I will just say, no real reason. I over react.)

Anyway, once you run off and hastily pay for 20 or so discs, you feel poor. (Damn you one click shopping sites.) Then I remembered this article in the news paper. Point being, some day, when someone asks little kids what they want to be when they grow up, you’re not going to hear movie star or astronaut, they’re going to say, university president. $677,000+ ? Then I did some really rough ‘back of an envelope’ calculations and figured I (a student researcher) easily cost(s) them some 50+ grand per year. Now that’s scary, because it totally makes you wonder what it is that you do that deserves anything close?

Feeling poor, and feeling the need for even more music can only lead you back to look around for good free music sites. I’ve been using the sites on these lists for a while now. And am slowly beginning to be able to pick out the better ones. I do plan to make a more detailed/informative list sometime. Right now, (since my life isn’t terribly interesting, and this IS what parts of my day were spent doing, this is what I can write about), I just love Irate. It’s a pretty stupid program, in that it doesn’t seem to care about my preferences and still downloads whatever it wants to. Which is turning out to be a good thing since I find I like a lot more than I choose to admit. Like Cirrus’ boomerang (sample), which is technically dance electronica trancy hypnotic? (Totally loved it, OMG, totally). Of course, it finds stock awesome stuff too. Point being, if you need to know about non mainstream music, this is one of the coolest ways to find out. Just don’t expect it to be too smart in realizing you don’t like salsa. I do plan to buy some of these smaller bands stuff sometime. The other very cool ones so far are garage band and epitonic.

If you’re beginning to lose hope, remember, fringe benefits include a clean conscience and slow death to “stars”.

In other news, I think I better improve posture in general. After hearing it some 5 billion times from parents (mom mostly) and now from other people (some more random than others, some quite important), I’ve started realizing it might have evil effects in the future. Or so I let them know so they’ll stop bugging me. No, I am just kidding. Or am I? Also managed to further break my already broken glasses somehow.

And I am still waiting for tips from “people with hair longer than a certain length and it NEEDS to be tied so that it’s not in their face so they can get on with whatever it is they do” do when they sleep, if they are “sleep on my stomach”ers too.

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