Saturday, November the 8th, 2003

Been staring at the moon at different points of time over the past few hours. What can I really say?, it was a pretty eclipse. As pretty as lunar eclipses can be anyway. I just wish it wasn’t so cold outside, and could have gotten a better view. Speaking of which, it’s extremely cold. And the sun shining BRIGHTLY during the day is totally misleading. I peek out of my window, and it’s BRIGHT with birds chirping and all that. I step out with erm, lighter clothing than I should have had on, and had to rush back in to change. Sneaky sun.

(And I think I am going to stop prefixing my paragraphs with “And totally unrelated,”. I realized my brain doesn’t have to be muddled at the time to just randomly switch topics this way. That’s just the way it works. Or I guess it’s always muddled, whatever.)

I plan to drink at least 8 large glasses of water per day. Even if it freezes inside me and kills me. Even if it means I have to take more frequent breaks from whatever it is that I am doing. Let’s see how long I can keep it up. Water is good for you. Or so a lot of people have told me. They ALL can’t be wrong. Ok, they can. Now I’ll know for sure.

I’ve also decided to make “the ponytail”, my natural state. I’ve been testing out different configurations over the past week or so, and I think it’s workable. It’s just, I was wondering what the experienced “people with hair longer than a certain length and it NEEDS to be tied so that it’s not in their face so they can get on with whatever it is they do” do when they sleep. It’s odd, I am mostly a “sleep on my stomach”er, and assumed it wouldn’t be an issue. But I apparently like to flip arbitrarily, and this is a bit of a bother right now.

No it’s not long or flowy or spreadable enough to form a cushiony thingy that’ll help rather than hinder. Hmm.

Since it is Matrix time of year (well, when isn’t really), I’ve been going through some of the parodies and spoofs out there and decided this is just insanely funny. If this turns out to be more fun than Matrix:Revolutions, I am going to be one angry person.

Getting down to geekier things, finally got around to playing Halo‘s demo. It was, pretty sweet. It’s just, no, it’s not buy an XBox RIGHT NOW material. Or even scarier, maybe it is and that just shows how much PC gaming has trumped consoles over time. About Halo however, the dynamic music (like in NOLF) was cool. It was really funny too, but that was more like an ad for buying the real game. The physics sucked. It felt sluggish. Like playing UT in a viscous goo. As if UT weren’t slow enough I mean. And there was quite a bit of clipping nonsense that was going on. I could “see” bits of things through other things at a few points. But overall, it’s no Id game, but fun none the less. And much more than I would have expected for a demo.

Disclaimer: And yes, all that talk about other products was an OPINION. It isn’t necessarily factually accurate. Please don’t sue me.

A ton of stuff I bought earlier for my brother and that had got held up here might be reaching him some time soon. I’ve got relatives visiting home. And that’s a good thing, I don’t have to worry about buying him an N-Gage any time soon. He’ll be distracted.

Muahahahahahahah. I hope.

And speaking of extreme things, I know people like modding their PC cabinets, but this is a tad ridiculous. Fishies are cute. The lil colourful ones.

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5 Responses to “Eclipses, ponytails and geekisms”

  1. wahgnube says:

    Just when you thought he’d “just left” without saying gnite.


  2. So sweet that@stomach sleeper.
    Didnt know u were a moon person either.
    Awhole abyss of gems a la you i had nary a clue about

  3. wahgnube says:

    A whole abyss of “stuff”, yes. Gems? Not necessarily.

    Anyway, time will remedy the “nary a clue about” bit.

  4. Will it?Time plays truant too.

  5. wahgnube says:

    Not my time. She’s kind and efficient.

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