Tuesday, March the 13th, 2007

I haven’t done this in ages.

Judging from the relatively static appearance of this web site (, remember?), you’re probably under the incorrect assumption that things have stagnated under the hood as well. Perhaps this list of recent going-ons will change your mind. I’ve emphasised tasks that I’ve completed.

  1. Made the “favicon” (the little icon in the URL bar) transparent.
  2. Upgraded an ancient WordPress to something current.
  3. Correspondingly upgraded all plugins and modified them to suit my needs.
  4. Tuned caching to improve site responsiveness.
  5. Prevented spam comments from messing too much with “most popular posts” calculations.
  6. Cleaned up code to look-up the database less often, further improving site responsiveness.
  7. Updated XHTML 1.0 Transitional pages to XHTML 1.1 pages.
  8. Completely remove styling from XHTML pages; perhaps even images?
  9. Clean up CSS and get it to validate.
  10. Ran over source with Emacs to indent it better.
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