Thursday, March the 22nd, 2007

During the course of navigating your way through life, you’ll be required to play numerous roles. The son, teacher, artist, plumber, lover, student, writer, preacher, judge, chauffeur, mother… the list is continuous. Admittedly, I may not know very much about life, but there is one bit of insight I’ve gathered which I’d like to share:

Seasons change, circumstances evolve, roles come and go, but at the heart of it all, the actress donning all those hats exists rather statically. You—the player of all your roles—are an atomic unit, so to speak. You have your own identity, your own state of mind, free will, … and exist entirely separate from your roles.

Please, never confuse who you are with the roles you play.

Such detachment is the key to contentment, enlightenment and inner-peace.

No, I don’t mean eternal happiness; I mean contentment, enlightenment and inner-peace.

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