Sunday, August the 8th, 2010

I took one of my regular trips to the local SOS Children’s Village a couple of days ago. When I first started receiving my student stipend years ago, I began supporting two children there: a 9-month old baby girl, Maria Merlin and a few year old boy called Venugopal. Today, six years later, they’re both growing up to be cute, playful children.

Merlin and her mom

While sitting at the SOS offices to pay my yearly donation, it occurred to me that I really should be doing more, since I have come a long way (financially) since those early student days. So that’s exactly what I did! Starting from this year, I am proud to announce that I support two more children. Introducing Nagarajan (foreground) and Veeravimin:

Nagarajan and Veeravimin

Now, doesn’t this bit of news make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside too?

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5 Responses to “Two more kiddies!”

  1. Kunal Bhatia says:

    How very nice.. Inspiring post here.
    Greetings from Mindless Mumbai.

  2. sandeep says:

    Really nice article. I was very moved. keep them coming!

  3. aroopam says:

    really appreciate this helping attitude…keep doing the good job dude

  4. Callezee says:

    God bless you with good health and courage to widen your thoughts for such social cause

  5. pundit says:

    Thank you all. I hope to keep this up for many years to come.

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