Thursday, April the 28th, 2005
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5 Responses to “Umm..”

  1. anita says:

    that’s crazy…

    but then again, a lot of the popular (touristy) temples are already really commercialized, so why not go all out with a theme park?

    i don’t think it’ll fly in other countries though.

  2. niyati says:

    It works pretty well as the leisure/cultural high spot for a LOT of people at the akshardham temple in gandhinagar already. The theatre complex and the food court get many more footfalls than the actual temple. There are amazingly long and slow queues every single day… for the story of whichever guru they worship, on display in rather quaint (technology meets ram-lila) ways. We used to consider it quite amusing!

  3. wahgnube says:

    anita and niyati: What is probably my primary beef with the whole endeavor is that it’s… commercialized. As you’ve pointed out, the existing setups already draw large crowds, and function fairly similarly to what this theme park hopes to be. It’s just… I’m inherently not OK with the whole “we have our manic audience prebuilt for us, lets (ab)use them” scheme of things.

    I’ve continued to rant on the issue here. Not that it’s terribly informative or anything.

    In my opinion, the easiest (only) way for kids to learn about these things is the Amar Chitra Katha, or their grandmas.

  4. anita says:

    i thought the theme park idea was in the same line as the amar chitra kathas really…so i don’t have a problem with the idea (although i think it may be a bit over the top). i just get bothered that people are trying to make money like this. it bothers me in general whenever i see souveniers being sold right by (or even inside) temples.

    i wish that whatever proceeds this park makes could go towards a good cause. but i think that’s probably too much to ask for in india.

  5. wahgnube says:

    The park idea really is along the same lines as the Amar Chitra Katha now that I think of it. It’s just, that was something I grew up with and consequently seemed more acceptable.

    And I don’t think the proceeds of any park will go toward a good cause, period. I don’t think this is an issue specific to this park or India.

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