Friday, April the 22nd, 2005

Everytime you begin a new term, you look for classes. During this process, you occasionally get conned into picking these “magic” classes that have no real exams, just an end term take home homework or a final project. You then, all excitedly, sign up for said classes under the foolish assumption that your end term is going to be fun, since you won’t be cramming like the rest of the populace.

Of course, end term comes, and the random people with finals slog one half-evening and get their tests over within a few hours, tops.

And you’re stuck in a room at 2 AM for the second consecutive night working some “take home”, still having made no noticeable progress.

Well, fuck.

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5 Responses to “Well, Fuck”

  1. anita says:

    all of my classes in grad school were like that. no final exams. just projects and papers and presentations. the 3 killer p’s. and it was even worse when they were group projects. you’d think it would be less work for you, but noooooo.

    i’ll take a final exam over that hell any day.

  2. wahgnube says:

    Yes, I was exaggerating.

    I have probably taken one class so far in all the while I’ve been here which involved an exam. The deal of course being, EVERY single term I naïvely get into it thinking “Cool, no real finals, it’s going to be a snap!”.

    Did it the first term — alright.
    The second term too — stupid, but pardonable.
    All SIX times — that’s just retarded.

  3. anita says:

    did you have a choice though? i didn’t. but every semester, i told myself that i would start working on final projects earlier, stay on schedule, etc.

    never happened. instead, i got worse and worse each semester. now that’s retarded. i think i was up for 3 days straight during my last semester…passed out while i was in the middle of proof-reading my last paper.

  4. wahgnube says:

    I had all the choice I wanted. I keep picking these “fancy sounding advanced classes”, with 4–8 people a class, thinking it’ll consequently be easier. You’d think I’d have learnt by now.

    Hey! I regularly stay up multiple days, and I’ve passed out twice too. And the most embarrassing bit is, the first time wasn’t even in grad school, when extreme procrastination is more rampant. It was in undergrad, and it wasn’t even while proofreading a paper. It was in a exam hall.

    (But that’s probably too much info for one day, and not something I should probably go about announcing in public. Let the record state I passed the paper even with only attempting for 30 minutes worth out of the 3 hours or whatever alloted for it. Let the record state gods bow down to my genius as a result. Let the record state I obviously enjoy overstating things.)

  5. anita says:

    i was too lazy in undergrad to even attempt an all-nighter. my cs partner would get pissed at me because we’d have a project due the next day, and i’d say “well, it’s past midnight. i’m done. this is as good as it’s going to get.” – and i’d convince her to give up and leave, even though the rest of our class was still in the lab working all night to finish.

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