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Thursday, December the 17th, 2009
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Just to be clear, I’ve been thinking about some silly fun things too. Like how one goes about solving interesting equations on weird domains!

Poisson's equation on a four-twisted Mobius strip

Tuesday, February the 3rd, 2009
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A couple of weeks ago, I sat down to chop up a couple of chapters of my PhD thesis into bite-size chunks so they could work their way into scientific journals. I ended up making this instead:

Research fish

A sampling of the 150 most-frequently occurring uncommon words in my PhD thesis.

Monday, May the 19th, 2008
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Like I was saying, I’ve resumed working at the uni over these past weeks. And by “work,” I mean futz around with math and stuff.

Cahn-Hilliard equation solution

But, as amusing as it is, I hope that the European travel bureaucracy gets sorted out soon.

Friday, November the 9th, 2007
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I’ve been experimenting with different looks for the journal, but I’m repeatedly failing to put together something I like.

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Imagine the possibilities if I detach myself from shades of grey; not like that’s ever going to happen.

Update: After talking to a bunch of designer people:

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