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Saturday, August the 20th, 2011

A lot has been going on in my life but I’m finding it difficult getting motivated enough to write about things. After mulling over this for some time, I’ve now decided try my hand at publishing over at Google+ for a while. I’m hoping that the change of scenery will give me the motivation I need to write. I am not sure if it’s worth giving up the anonymity of this journal, but I plan on experimenting anyway.

If you’re interested in following further happenings in my life, add me to your circles on Google+. If you aren’t on the network and would like to get in, here’s an invitation.

Happy stalking!

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Friday, August the 7th, 2009
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Same as the old theme.

After some months of idle planning, I finally commenced the process of sprucing up the journal earlier today. It’s not all there yet—I have a list of some ten significant things that are still broken—but when it’s done, it ought not to look too different from what you’ve known to come and love. I’ve just attempted to simplify and streamline the innards while making it look as consistent as I could across different browsers.

Fixes should be cropping up over the next few days as I go through things and run into problems, but you’re free to point out anything that’s particularly bothersome to you.

Happy reading loyal reader!

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