Sunday, August the 24th, 2003

And here they are, as promised, in small doses. The italicized stuff are the quotes, and the other regular text are my own comments, if any.

First, I never expected YOU to have a slam book. Since you’ve decided to have one and it’s come to me, I shall do the honours.

I’ve always thought of you as this brainy, intense, moody guy who went around with his head in the stars. I always thought of you as being slightly out of my league. Which is why, when I finally did get to know you, I was pleasantly surprised. You’re very approachable and have a nice sense of humour.
DOH! hmm.. would I have preferred not being known and not bursting that bubble?
YEAR LATER: And to think she thought I was out of her league.

Our friendship doesn’t end here.
Huh? What friendship? Do I know you?.. Kidding. ;)

I know for a fact you’re smart. That should take you places.
Places hmm.. I wonder where though.

One of the people who has his convictions all well defined and won’t hesitate to stand out of a crowd standing up to your values.

You’ve got yourself a very apt cover photo on this book – but then again that doesn’t surprise me one bit – after all it’s pundit.

Keeping with the blast from the past scheme of things, here are my thoughts just before I left home. I found it some old sqldump of an older blog. Sniff Sniff. Timestamp modded it and pasted it here. Recycling is good for the environment, and you.

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