Monday, April the 26th, 2004

:) (Yes, an honest to goodness smiley. A rare commodity that.)

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. Someone actually dedicated something to me. Yes, you read it right. I inspired someone else, and they put up an apt picture dedicated to yours truly.

(I was waiting for it to get off the front page, so I could link to its permalink, but I got impatient and linked to the home page. Will tweak this page when she updates hers.)

I’m so excited I could, I could.. do a cartwheel… coupled with back flip!
*Falls over clumsily*
Well, maybe not.

So check out this insanely talented (cleverly disguising herself as a paper-pusher) woman’s showcase. I’ve plugged her before, but with good reason. Her work is very pretty. (No, I don’t know any bigger words than pretty, you vocabulary god(dess) you. You have to get what I am trying to say.) And it makes me smile internally. (No, I don’t plan to explain what that means either.)

A stolen image.
(I know her usage policy now reads I shouldn’t steal her images without asking, but I was devious. This image was sneakily stolen before that was up. I’ve been meaning to do this plug for a long time now, just never got around to doing it. I doubt she’d mind, but if things go awry, this picture won’t be up tomorow.)

Now, the following is an obligatory plug. Because I’m shameless and you can’t stop me. I’ve been working on the art pages, and a couple are beginning to take shape. Sure, there is no real new content, but it’s the backend I like working on. Once that’s done, things should be (relatively) oft updated, like the new photo pages.

Art :: Screen shots
Art :: Text effects

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