Sunday, March the 12th, 2006

One of the problems with the intarweb is that whatever grand ideas you may have in the shower, by the time you actually sit down at a computer and try to write it up, you’ve turned into this weird sort of mindless, incapacitated consumer person. For instance, here are some of the glorious things I’ve waded through instead of coming up with something funny.

I also spent some time fetching the new Ubuntu live CD, Dapper Drake, and trying it out (my first or second time at giving it a spin, ever). While it’s quite polished, it’s very orange, and the fonts are fucked up. Only Red Hat/Fedora gets beautiful font rendering and selection right out of the box.

Dapper flight 5 screenshot

So, what were you browsing instead of working today? I really am curious.

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One Response to “On being a consumer”

  1. pUl| says:

    a c t u a l i t y . l o g ? Oh wait, that was a second ago. *Opens a new tab*

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