Wednesday, May the 24th, 2006

Along the lines parts one, two and three of this series.

At how many hours of Gilmore Girls per day does your ardent fandom slowly stray into the realm of unhealthy obsession?

Is the reason I find Jenny Shimizu so desirable because she’s so androgynous? Sigh.

Since when did, “I have serious control issues, sorry,” stop being the perfect scam to smoothly get out of a drink at a party?

If you really find it that funny, why don’t you just giggle (cutely) like I’d love you to? Why do you keep insisting on saying “that’s hilarious” or “you’re so funny” instead?

Is the only reason you work here that this is one of the remaining few places that doesn’t insist on random drug tests?

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  1. kasra says:

    Im in love

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