Friday, June the 4th, 2004

I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my email inbox this morning.

“May I use parts of your online diary in an English lesson here in Germany? Especially this day’s entry might be a good reason to start a discussion.”

The person had come across a post in my wordpress trial site, and left me this as a comment. The cool part here is, the web log system was smart enough to figure I wouldn’t be going through old posts to check for comments, and decided to mail it to me.

Unfortunately, being the slacker that I am, this main journal is still on ancient technology, so none of such niceties will work here. So if someone new (or not very new) has something to say to me, please email it to me if the post you’re referring to is “old”. And by “old”, I mean not on the front page. Thanks.

Oh, and before I forget the point of this exercise, welcome those who are being forced to read this as part of your lesson. Though there’s a high probability some of you will consequently have negative connotations attached to the experience, I’m really not a bad person.

Update: This probably defeats the purpose, and there’s a good chance I’m all wrong, aber Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch und Ich begr��e Sie.


Maybe I should attend more than extremely basic German class sometime.

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